Horror Show or Sanctuary? A Fresh Approach

In the hygiene supplies business, it pays to go behind closed doors. The little comforts that we need at our most private moments make the difference between a welcoming washroom and something visitors will cross their legs to avoid.

However, washroom facilities rarely remain clean for long. All too often, people can experience something of a horror show, leading them to dread having a call of nature away from home. Women report an unclean sanitary bin as a particular bugbear, leading them to flush sanitary items rather than touch the dirty sanitary bin. This of course causes horrendous blockages and steep plumbers’ bills.

There have been recent improvements this area with the mandatory provision of bins, although surprisingly only approximately 20% of washrooms provide sanitary bags in cubicles. Without individual sanitary bags, the sanitary bin can become smeared and odour can develop before the bin is emptied.

Of course, responsible washrooms are only one half of the equation: responsible users are the other half. By offering sanitary bags in cubicles, better bathroom habits can be encouraged, preventing the flushing of tampons, pads and the latest menace of the u-bend: wipes.

Expectations are ever moving on. Just as crispy toilet paper is no longer acceptable, women are expecting to be better catered for, for all their sanitary needs. With no provision of sanitary bags, or bags that are see-through, awkward to handle and that rustle loudly, women can’t enjoy the discreet, hygienic disposal that they expect away from home.

Hotels, gyms and spas are leading the way by offering better quality wares for their guests, such as FabLittleBag. FabLittleBag is the first fit-for-purpose sanitary disposal bag. It’s opaque, so as not to display the soiled contents, and it seals hygienically closed. Clever finger loops mean the bag can be opened one-handed, for a cleaner experience. The pay off is not only happy customers, but cleaner washrooms and fewer flooding toilets.

Whether you’re visiting a washroom on business, or ‘to do your business’, we all want to find a hygienic and welcoming place when we close that door.

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