You wait ages for an award, then two come along at once!

We’re proud, thrilled and delighted to have a won the Bronze Award from MadeforMums for the best Household Product under £10. Here’s what they said:

A revolution in a bag, this simple yet utterly brilliant concept was designed by, yes, you’ve guessed it: a woman. Designed to remove the stress, worry and embarrassment of disposing of your sanitary towels or tampons simply, greenly and discreetly.

Have you ever found yourself with no sanitary bin, or away from home with nowhere to throw your used sanitary products? Flushing tampons or towels down the toilet will not only block the system but is terrible for the environment.

This is where the FabLittleBag comes into its own. Designed to be held with one hand, open easily, close completely and then be stashed in your bag until you find a bin –  the FabLittleBag really is fantastically simple, discreet, the best for our environment and an absolute bargain to boot. No wonder it is our bronze award winner.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the FabLittleBag: 

“I think FabLittleBags are exactly as the name suggests! I always felt guilty about flushing tampons but found the idea of them being in a bathroom bin at home really yucky – FabLittleBags have solved that problem. Design-wise, they’re pretty much perfect.” Meena, mum of 2

“A fantastic product that has spared my blushes on several occasions!” Hannah, mum of 3

So while we were basking in a happy glow after these kind words, another award rolled in!

We have just been named on the list of the 50 most disruptive UK companies in 2017, part of The Future 50 by Real Business. Disruptive? Us? Well, we like to think we’re causing a quiet revolution behind the nation’s bathroom doors and there is nothing else out there that is quite like FabLittleBag.

Here’s what they said:

FabLittleBag is the first fit-for-purpose sanitary disposal bag. It is designed for convenient, hygienic disposal of tampons and sanitary pads.

Sanitary items are sometimes flushed, blocking sewers and causing environmental pollution. For women who want to avoid this, options have been limited, involving binning items using products designed for other purposes such as toilet roll and nappy sacks.

FabLittleBag offers a solution to this problem. With a patented feature allowing it to be opened with just one hand, it is truly innovative. It is unique in the market as the bags are opaque, sealable with a sticky strip and biodegradable.

So we shall lining these awards up in our trophy cabinet alongside our Business Green Leaders  award with great pride. But of course the appreciation that means the most to us comes from our customers. We always LOVE to hear feedback from customers, to help us improve and to know that we’re making a difference.

Feel free to get in touch!

A big thank you to the MadeForMums Awards and to the Real Business Future 50.


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