Sanitary disposal: fab little steps to take care of your hotel and guests!

Running a successful hotel requires a lot of maintenance, especially when it comes to bathrooms. A high turnover of guests in a busy hotel means that keeping on top of drainage issues and preventing expensive and environmentally damaging blockages is vital, but with an estimated 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million sanitary pads flushed down toilets every single day in the UK alone, this issue needs some serious attention!

Read on to find out how you can protect your hotel and the environment, and your guests’ blushes, potentially saving a fortune on drainage repairs, with a simple solution that should mean the end of blocked toilets!

The dangers of bathroom blockages

Our drainage and sewer systems can only handle bodily waste and toilet paper, and anything else — such as tampons and wet wipes — is forbidden, but many people are still unaware of the damage this can cause. Research shows that 60% of women in the UK still flush their tampons!

Tampons and other sanitary items frequently get stuck in drainage systems, which can cause a range of blockage problems from those that can be fixed with a plunger to more serious issues that require thousands of pounds worth of plumbing expertise.

Furthermore, if a large-scale sewer blockage (often known as a fatberg) occurs, or simply a high volume of rain falls, sewers are designed to overflow into our rivers. In such cases, the sewage and all its components end up in our rivers and seas, polluting the water and putting wildlife and homes at risk.

Binning vs Flushing

As with many situations in life, prevention is better than cure! The best course of action is for tampons and sanitary towels to be binned every time. However, there may be several obstacles to safe and discreet disposal — such as contaminated and smelly bins overflowing with tampons, pads and contaminated wrappers, making flushing seem like a more attractive option in the moment, even to someone who normally bins.

The perfect hotel solution

One of the simplest solutions to preventing the flushing of sanitary items in your hotel is to provide sanitary disposal bags in every bathroom. To date, these have typically been made from ‘bad’ plastic, they do not seal and you can see what is inside, giving both the user and housekeeping staff an unpleasant experience. FabLittleBag has created easy-to-use sanitary disposal bags that offer a discreet, hygienic alternative; no mess, no stress.fablittlebag dispenser

FabLittleBag is a multi-award winning design, the bags are opaque, open single-handed, and seal closed to provide a confident disposal experience every time. Women can simply pop their used tampons or rolled up sanitary pads into the biodegradable bag and dispose of it in the bin, safe in the knowledge that it won’t stick to the bin lid or mess up the bin and all bad odours are sealed inside! They will biodegrade within approximately 5 years, even in anaerobic landfill conditions thanks to an organic additive added to the film when it is made.

FabLittleBag dispensers are ideal for hotel bathrooms, giving your visitors a genuine solution that prevents the pollution caused by flushing and provides a relaxed, hygienic and eco-friendly experience for guests. The dispensers are specially designed to dispense FabLittleBag sanitary disposal bags smoothly, one at a time. It can either be fixed to a wall (with self-adhesive pads or screws) or it can sit flat on a shelf or cistern. Check out the FabLittleBag Dispenser here!

Clean bins, clean oceans, clean conscience

FabLittleBag has even designed an eye-catching A4 poster that explains why it is so important not to flush tampons and pads. Fix it near to the toilet so everyone knows what to do. The poster is FREE to download for your own printing here! We do however encourage you to design your own so that it fits with your tone and branding.

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