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What are FabLittleBags made from?

FLB’s are made from 60% sustainable sugarcane, which locks the carbon in as it grows, 10% renewable cornstarch and 30% recycled plastic to support the circular economy of waste, and the glue we use to seal them closed is vegan. 

So are they biodegradable?

No, they used to be, but there are three main reasons we have moved away from biodegradability to focus on sustainability: 

1. FLB’s will only ever end up in one of 2 places; being industrially incinerated, or in landfill. The reality of landfills are that very little biodegrades in there, even organic matter, due to the anaerobic conditions (e.g. no light, no oxygen, no heat). When things do eventiully start biodegrading they break down into gases and this forms methane gas which is not good for the planet at all. Whilst some landfills can syphon the methane off and use it safely, many can't and it can make the landfill unstable too. 

2. In addition countries are starting to ban adding biodegradable products to landfills for these reasons.  

3. There has been a dramatic rise in greenwashing of late, with the terms ‘biodegradable”and “compostable” being misused as marketing terms. It can be for example that a product could be compostable, or even biodegradable, in theory, however, in reality, it will never be composted or biodegrade as in order for this to happen, it would need to end up in an industrial composing site, which, it won’t ever do. It will end up in landfill, or possibly be incinerated. If in landfill it will behave just like a typical plastic and not compost or biodegrade. 

We want to be transparent in terms of our products; every product or material produced has an eco impact. FLB keeps period products out of our aquatic systems, helping to reduce the pollution in our rivers, oceans and on our beaches. They also ensure that used products end up in the right waste system that we currently have in place for this type of waste.

Surely everyone should just use menstrual cups and reusable pads?

In a perfect ideal world, yes, that would be much much better for the planet. Cups and reusables are economically and environmentally the best option. However, there are many reasons, practical, cultural, physical, that women currently are choosing to use disposables and it is their right to do so. Whilst we welcome and support the use of cups etc, we passionately believe that there should be no judgment on how one chooses to manage own's own periods.

Can you fit a pad in a FLB?

Absolutely, yes! There are a number of YouTube videos showing this, plus see here. We made our original bags from 2016 larger to more easily accommodate pads. Even the larger night time pads can fit in, the bigger the pads the tighter you may decide to roll it up. The secret is to cover the sticky bit of the pad with a piece of loo roll , or its wrapper, so it doesn’t stick on the way in…

What can fit into a FLB?

Well, you can easily fit in a tampon, its applicator, the wrapping, and, depending on the size of the applicator used, a wipe too! See here

What about incontinence pads?

It depends - most day time incontience pads are the same size as most pads, just different absorption ingredients to soak up pee instead of blood, so all these type of pads and liners fit perfectly. However the larger Tena pads and the larger night time ones may be too big. Watch this space for our new member of the FabLittleBag family launching in early 2021!

Do I get the Handbag Refill Case in all of the packs?

It comes in all packs except the Bathroom Pack

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