Great British Business in The Telegraph

We’re thrilled that FabLittleBag is featured as a Great British Business in the Telegraph.

Watch the documentary presented by Natasha Kaplinsky for the full story:

Don’t miss the expanding tampon demo halfway through the film, showing just why flushed sanitary products cause so many problems in the waterworks!

FabLittleBag inventor, Martha Silcott, says,

“Based on customer feedback, it seems that we’ve tapped into something, providing a solution for an unmet, rarely discussed issue… We have the backing of some of Britain’s major water companies, who will all tell you that sanitary products in the sewers are a major problem, contributing to the cost of £88m per year to clean up the mess.”

As Natasha Kaplinsky explains at the start of the film, FabLittleBag is becoming more than a product, it’s now becoming a movement, as women discover that period disposal needn’t be an ordeal, whilst saving the oceans from pollution at the same time!

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