FabLittleBag nets new jets deal

Never mind the Mile High Club, now join the Fab Club!

Ah, the glamour of air travel. Flying high above the clouds to an exotic destination, it all seems so civilised… until you visit the on board loos. Be it a jumbo or a private jet, we expect it to be a little cramped, but what happens if you need to dispose of a tampon or pad? If you flush it then you risk blocking the loo, and if you ‘do the right thing’ and put your soiled item in the tiny bin, well let’s just say it won’t be long before things get a bit whiffy… Listen up toilet designers, women have periods!

private jet

Even a normal flushing loo on terra firma struggles to cope with sanitary items, and the same rules apply even more so when up in the clouds. Flushing causes blockages, so the answer should be simple: don’t flush.  However, the airborne disposal facilities are usually far from adequate, resulting in a bin full of used items wrapped only in a bit of loo roll. It’s little wonder that the tiny cubicles can become less than fresh.

That’s why a major private jet company has seen the light and is taking FabLittleBag on board.

Now female crew and passengers alike can seal away their tampons and pads in the ground-breaking FabLittleBags. This means fresh, clean cabin loos and a relaxed, confident disposal experience all round.

FabLittleBags are revolootionary (sorry!), they open one-handed using the clever finger loops and then seal securely closed: no leaks, no odour, no fuss. They’re fully biodegradable and the opaque material means nothing is on display. They come packed in neat handbag wallets, perfect for both your flight and your next destination.

Air travel is not the only situation where sanitary disposal can be a challenge, but it’s the one where there are no other options if the facilities are inadequate (the nearest alternative loo may be at your destination airport, thousands of miles away). The devil is in the detail and even a luxurious private jet experience can be let down by a blocked or smelly toilet! Now there is one forward-thinking, caring private jet company that is leading the way in on board comfort by providing its crew and passengers with this inflight essential.

Air Force One anyone?


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