4 Ways to Make Your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

4 Ways to Make Your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

In 2023, sustainability is at the core of all key decision-making in the hotel world. It has to be as guests demand it and our planet needs it. Hotels are used all year round, and with thousands of guests coming in and out. Guests generate waste, how is this affecting the planet? In this article, we will be delving into how you can make your hotel more sustainable with four easy changes. Cost is also crucial for good business, so here’s some ways to achieve better sustainability whilst also keeping costs under control.

1. Invest in Sustainable Bedding

When it comes to bedding, many hotels tend to opt for affordable duvets and pillows rather than what could be good for the planet. Sustainable bedding tends to use responsibly sourced cotton, rather than synthetic materials. This is both better for the environment, and for your guests. 

Sustainable bedding is often a lot more durable than your regular hotel bedding, which means it will last a lot longer and save money in the longer run. Eco-friendly bedding is better for the planet, resonates with most of your guests and helps your budget over the medium term. Your typical run-of-the-mill hotel bedding can occasionally be made poorly, with harmful ingredients such as Parathion, Alidicarb, AZO dyes, and formaldehyde. Opt for more ‘green’ bedding for your establishment to make it more sustainable in 2023 and increase the longevity of th items.

2. Reduce Your Plastic Use

Did you know that the hospitality industry produces a staggering  2.87 million tonnes of plastic each year? Also, most of it may have been unnecessarily sent to landfill. No matter the size of your establishment, hotels tend to create a lot of waste, which typically is one-use plastic;  from packaging, amenity containers, kitchen goods, laundries etc.

One of the main ways you can reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint is to swap out one-use plastic items for reusable ones. For example, remove all the plastic cups, often wrapped in a plastic bag to keep clean,  from hotel bathrooms. These can easily be exchanged for glasses, which can be washed and reused. Washing them is water intensive, but given the volumes concerned is much better for the planet. Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting

Ever thought about how many light bulbs are in a hotel? If there is a chance that these lights could be left on for extended periods of time then that is a lot of wasted power. It’s better to have lights on an auto system, where if someone enters the room, the lights will turn on. This takes away the chance that lights will be left on overnight, or throughout the day when they are not needed.

Another way to make your carbon footprint smaller is to switch your light bulbs out for energy-efficient ones. These bulbs can help lower your electricity bills, as well as your carbon dioxide emissions, all without reducing the quality of light in your establishment. This is much better for the planet and your electric bill without having to compromise on the aesthetics of your hotel. 

3. Install Sustainable Product Solutions In All The Bathrooms

Did you know that most menstrual pads are made from 90% plastic? Whether your establishment provides period products to hotel guests, or they have to bring their own, it doesn’t stop the amount of waste produced. Period products are essential for many, particularly when traveling and staying away from home

When it comes to tampons and period pads, The percentage of women who flush these varies from country to country, in the UK for example 1.4m pads and 2.5m tampons are flushed every single day!  To avoid your hotel’s plumbing taking the brunt of this, we recommend placing a sign near the bathroom that states that nothing should be flushed except toilet paper. We also suggest installing a Fab Little Bag Dispenser. These are the perfect solution for offices, shops, workplaces, and of course, hotels. Our dispenser holds up to 40 FabLittleBags at one time and allows for easy, smooth, and hygienic  extraction one bag at a time. Not to mention, it also easily adheres to a hotel wall or cubicle door, so typically takes seconds to install. FabLittleBag are sustainably sourced, made from sugarcane waste and recycled material and vegan glue - they encourage binning and transform the experience of doing the right thing for your guests. 

 We do gorgeous Hotel Room Packs too that match any bathroom decor and show that you care for the guest and the planet. Everyone wins; the environment, the users, and the cleaners!